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Flutter apps development

  • Do you want portable mobile application development?
  • Do you want one code written for several platforms such as Web and Mobile, including iOS, Android?
  • Do you want easy access to credible resources in native application development and deployment
  • Do you want your application code base to be managed easily?
  • Do you want highly scalable and performing applications?
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What is Flutter apps development

  • Google's UI toolkit for super-fast development
  • Amazingly beautiful & functional UX/UI mobile application widgets
  • Open-source mobile apps platform
  • Flutter apps are robust, fast & highly scalable
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What is Flutter apps development
How to develop mobile apps with Google Flutter

How to develop mobile apps with Google Flutter

  • List your mobile app features
  • Specify your app's functional and UX/UI elements
  • Use Google Flutter widgets for UX/UI
  • Use Dart programming language for control
  • Compile same code for targeted deployment environment
  • Deploy binaries to App Store and Google Play
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Where is DataGenius located

  • DataGenius Tech LLC is a fast growing company
  • Our offices are in Providence, Boston & New York City
  • Developing apps for several local startups & clients
  • We have delivered numerous Flutter apps
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DataGenius Tech LLC
DataGenius Technologies a leader in Flutter

DataGenius Technologies a leader in Flutter

  • DataGenius is a Flutter Development powerhouse
  • Our local teams are highly skilled in mobile apps
  • High speed application prototyping
  • Multiple API integrations
  • Continuous code management and support
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Our Google Flutter & Dart Competencies

  • Flutter SDK, Redux, Widgets, Silvers, Gestures
  • Flutter Forms, validation & API integration
  • Storage, SQLite, GraphQL
  • Conditional UX & UI
  • Secure & high performance applications
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Our Google Flutter & Dart Competencies

Flutter is one of the fastest growing application development platform worldwide.

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