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Who we are the best it solutions

Creative Mobile applications development company in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

American companies are going through a massive growth phase. But it is difficult to find the #right partner to fuel their growth with technology.

This is where DataGenius Technologies LLC enters the mix. We are an American company with our own subsidiaries in Australia, India & New Zealand, employing talented, experienced & highly skilled people.

DataGenius is your trusted & dependable technology partner with US jurisdiction & availability of technology talent sourced from all around the world.

We deploy the best global workforce to work for you, while you have the confidence and trust of working with local #American company DataGenius Technologies LLC.

How to create best mobile applications with high security and performance

  • Define your project vision, goals and expected general timelines
  • Finalize your targeted technology platforms
  • Define the business requirements
  • Using Agile-SAFe methodology define the project journey with bi-weekly sprints & monthly check points
  • Create wireframes which represent customer journey and user experience
  • Get applications development started using defined sprints and backlogs
  • Get the MVP [minimum viable product] to a few of your targeted user base
  • Incorporate end user feedback, make improvements & changes
  • Gather all information needed for your app launch
  • Launch the apps into targeted application stores along with outreach campaign
How to create best mobile applications
American Innovation Success

Innovation drives our success

Since the inception DataGenius Technologies LLC has been very busy and productive in creating #innovative #applications out of Providence, and serving Rhode Island, Massachussets, Connecticut and New York.

We locally provide best IT solutions and services to our enterprise clients.

Many local startups and companies have used our IT services to implement their highly productive, secure and awesome mobile applications in iOS, Swift and Android platforms.

In less than a year, DataGenius has grown rapidly while employing, boosting and nurturing local talent.

Innovation is our tool for everyday success. Clients love our sharp technical skills, expertise and architectural insights in building and deploying future proof mobile applications.

Application development company near Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts

We use our business proximity and agility for making our clients more #productive and #profitable. Conveniently located near Boston, our local teams work from our offices and at client locations throughout Rhode Island, Boston, Stamford, New Haven etc supporting local startups, technology incubators and companies.

To discuss your projects, our team will gladly come to your offices for project discussions.

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