Getting Results Fast, Together

Accelerate software rollouts with confidence. Automated software testing is a rapid, iterative and collaborative process. It includes Project Management, UX & UI Design, Programming, Release Management and Software Testing teams.

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Getting Results Fast, Together

Software Testing

Automated software testing with Selenium. Get your applications validated and checked for all underlying bugs. Independent and evidence driven testing will pinpoint the bugs and provide steps for Development teams to replicate the bugs.

Mobile Apps

Get the real deal – the native apps. Develop using Swift, Android and supporting frameworks. Apps need to follow Apple, Google standards and guidelines. Your apps are your brand. Create and present professionally. Develop apps which can scale with millions of customers with high performance.

Shopify Experts

Combine our Shopify expert development and management team for eCommerce boosting features and applications. Let DataGenius Technologies LLC provide you with a quick delivery for end to end high performance website that can help grow your business quickly.



Technical skills & tools

Wide spectrum of technologies all under one roof